Widex Hearing Aids

Explore the possibilities with Widex hearing aids.

Widex was established by two Danish families in 1956, and by 1995 they were the first in the market to release a completely digital hearing aid. Since then they have proven time and time again that innovative craftsmanship and a commitment to quality are essential when creating products that last.

Their latest hearing aid, the WIDEX MOMENT™, offers pure, natural sound powered by the ultra-fast PureSound™ pathway. It’s the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion RIC hearing aid. Durable water-resistant nano coating and advanced microphone protection keeps the hearing aid secure. It also has 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming from smartphones and AI-powered personalization to hear your best when it matters the most.

Function and design are both seamlessly integrated in Widex hearing aids. By offering a range of products, Widex has recently released their own line of rechargeable options along with a plethora of hearing aids that pair with wireless devices. Some of their most popular products include EVOKE™ and Beyond. Their Made for iPhone® hearing aids allow wearers to stream podcasts, music, and phone calls with ease, and their latest CUSTOM™ design provides optimal comfort and impeccable sound quality.

Widex makes huge strides toward improving our planet. With a carbon-neutral headquarters that runs from renewable energy sources, they are dedicated to making our world a better place. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help with hearing loss.

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