Sonic Hearing Aids

Hear the sounds of life with Sonic hearing aids

Sonic has become a preferred provider among healthcare professionals and patients alike. They recognize that each instance of hearing loss is as unique as the person it affects, and their devices offer state-of-the-art features that enhance the wearer’s quality of life every day.

Building upon their Speech Variable Processing and SoundDNA platforms, Sonic’s products use binaural technology to create natural sounds that dynamically adjust to your changing environment. Products on the Sonic SoundDNA platform are optimized so you can hear more speech and the sounds of life. There is less feedback and noise that get in the way. Wireless connections that are fast and more direct. It features a suite of advanced smart technologies that work together automatically. Some of their most popular products include: Captivate, Trek, Enchant, Celebrate and Cheer (their Journey hearing aid is for profound hearing loss).

Wireless connectivity makes wearing a Sonic hearing aid a pleasure. By connecting to your television, radio, and mobile phone, you have the option to easily enjoy your favorite activities once again. A range of wireless accessories utilize Sonic’s innovative technology and pair seamlessly with your hearing aids. For quality hearing devices that are discreet and easy to use, visit Sonic’s website today.

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