Rexton Hearing Aids

Reliable hearing in any situation – thanks to Rexton hearing aids

Rexton manufactures a variety of styles that meet the needs of patients around the world. Focusing on devices that offer a natural hearing experience, their hearing aids and accessories make hearing easy again.

Rexton’s latest hearing aid, the Motion Core, is designed to be durable, practical and easy-to-use. Motion Core recognizes up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models. Motion Core technology features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movement to even more accurately determine your hearing situation. M-Core R and SR include rechargeable lithium-ion versions that can run for a whole day on a single charge. The M-Core SR charging case enables on-the-go top ups for up to 4 days use.

Some of their most popular products include: MyCore and Essential E1 but they really pride themselves on their TruCore™ technology. Rexton’s products work with your environment to reduce echoes, improve the quality of sound, and allow you to easily hear no matter where you are. You can also use your smartphone to adjust your settings with ease and enjoy their small and discreet designs that enhance the quality of your life.

To learn more about their line of hearing aids, visit the Rexton website here.

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